Are high touch points being cleaned regularly?

April 8, 2021

Yes, and EVS custodial staff are specifically assigned to perform disinfection of these surfaces throughout the day (Monday-Friday).

High-touch point areas are identified as the following and may vary from building to building:

A. Elevators: interior and exterior doors; vestibule call button and panels; interior cab rails; walls; and interior floor option buttons

B. Stairwells: ledges; railings; and stairwell door handles; all other railings present in the building

C. Entrance/Exits: door handles; push plates and push bars (interior and exterior); automatic door openers (interior and exterior)

D. Common Areas (kitchenettes, break rooms, restrooms, and waiting areas): door handles; push plates and push bars; tables, chairs, and other furniture (hard and soft coverings); glass; ledges; and framing near door opening; light switches; countertops; sinks, sink faucets, and faucet handles; paper towel dispensers; soap dispensers