Am I required to wear eye protection in addition to a face covering?

December 9, 2020

FPI and UMMC have implemented new policies that require personnel in their facilities to “wear medical face masks and hospital-approved eye protection at all times when in shared spaces or on UMMS premises."

These are policies that encompass FPI and UMMC facilities, and it is the expectation that any School of Medicine employee who will be working in or entering FPI/UMMC facilities will adhere to the new guidelines for those facilities.  

UMB is not planning to change its policies to mirror those of FPI or UMMC. The referenced UMMC/FPI policy would apply to the limited areas in UMB buildings where UMB faculty, staff or students are engaged in clinical activities involving patients such as clinical research studies, and laboratory settings where required.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding these new policies, please contact the appropriate HR department to discuss.