How many people are allowed to be in research areas?

November 24, 2020 (updated June 21, 2021)

Campus Research Not Involving Human Subjects:  Laboratory-based research will be increased to 100 percent occupancy with no physical distancing requirements inside laboratories. Masks will continue to be required in the laboratory setting.  UMB physical distancing requirements for spaces outside of laboratories including conference rooms and break areas are still in effect.

Community-based Research: The current exclusion of Category D research in community settings will be lifted, with Stage 3 community-based research allowed to resume.  Researchers must follow all guidelines set by the collaborating entity (e.g., nursing home, school, community center, etc.). A letter from the collaborating entity stating that researchers are permitted to conduct studies in their facilities is required to be included as supporting documentation in a Reportable New Information (RNI) submission for the study, along with the required checklists found here.

Clinical Research and Other Campus Research Involving Human Subjects: Researchers conducting human subjects research will abide by the current University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) guidelines for conducting clinical research.  UMMS guidelines currently state that researchers must wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, unless they are alone in their work space. There is no density requirement, but researchers should practice physical distancing where possible.