I am an international student or scholar who has not had access to a COVID-19 vaccine in my home country. When and where can I get one?

May 21, 2021

Those who have not been vaccinated prior to traveling to the United States must be tested with a viral (PCR) test within three to five days upon arrival and must self-quarantine for seven days upon arrival even if the test result is negative. Those who are unable to be tested must self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

Individuals should make arrangements to be vaccinated in the United States immediately upon completion of their self-quarantine. The University of Maryland,  Baltimore has a COVID-19 Vaccine Site on campus that is open to all newly arriving faculty, staff, and students. You can find information on where and how to get vaccinated at this website GetTheVaccineBaltimore.org or by calling 410-706-3000. PCR testing is also available on campus by contacting UMaryland Immediate Care (UMIC) at  667-214-1899. There are many other locations in Maryland where vaccines and testing are available. For more information on dates, times, and availability, check covidvax.maryland.gov or call the Maryland COVID-19 Vaccination Support Center at 1-855-634-6829.