If I have been designated as 'Mission Critical - On Campus' am I required to come to work?

May 13, 2020 (updated August 27, 2020)

Employees who are designated as “Mission Critical - On Campus” may be required to report to work for their regularly scheduled shifts (with exceptions for illness and other COVID-19-related accommodations). Job duties that can be performed via telework should be performed remotely. These employees should stay in contact with their supervisors to determine whether their designation changes.

Employees who have been designated as “Mission Critical - On Campus” needing accommodations should contact Human Resources.

Anyone who presents symptoms compatible with a COVID-19 or flu-like illness should not be on UMB’s campus and should seek guidance from a health care provider. This includes all general, administrative, research, lab, and classroom settings. Contact your health care provider or UMaryland Immediate Care at 667-214-1899.