COVID-19 Testing for Employees and Students Returning to Campus

July 31, 2020 (updated May 5, 2021)

This information has been archived. Some or all of the information below is no longer accurate.

Appointments are offered at the on-campus COVID-19 Testing Clinic through this scheduling application.

However, the best option for faculty, staff, and students wanting to schedule an appointment for an on-campus COVID-19 diagnostic test or a flu shot is to call UMaryland Immediate Care directly at 667-214-1899. 

The location of the test will depend on UMaryland Immediate Care's scheduling — either at the SMC Campus Center or the urgent care clinic at 408 W. Lombard St. Double-check your appointment online or call to confirm your testing location.

Additionally, the Baltimore Convention Center has a wider availability of appointments for testing and is a short walk from campus. Appointments at the Convention Center can be made online using this link.

COVID-19 Testing Locations

Many in our UMB community have been vaccinated against COVID-19. As such, you may submit proof of being fully vaccinated in place of a negative COVID-19 test result.

COVID-19 Testing Costs

There is free COVID-19 testing offered in the state of Maryland. With Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance, there are no co-pays for a COVID-19 test. Therefore, UMB will not cover any medical costs associated with COVID-19 testing for students or employees.


The Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) is the state of Maryland’s designated electronic health record system. UMB’s agreement with CRISP to directly release student COVID-19 test data (with student permission) also includes collection of COVID-19 vaccination history, with the employee’s consent.

The information will be used for public health purposes to help make decisions about preventive measures and identify members of the UMB community at risk of infection from exposure to COVID-19. 

The CRISP waiver form can be accessed by entering the site using your UMID authentication. This will populate the form with your name and email address. Your authorization via this form will permit CRISP to share your COVID-19 vaccination history with school leaders, department managers, and the occupational/student health clinical team. Only the clinical team will receive your COVID-19 test results.

One exception is the University of Maryland School of Nursing, whose students must upload COVID-19 vaccination records to CastleBranch because the school needs all student immunizations in one place for clinical placement purposes.