Additional UMB Travel Guidance

October 8, 2020 (updated October 7, 2021)

  UMMS and UMB will permit work-related travel (domestic and international), with review and approval.

o   Travelers must follow most current CDC and destination (country) guidance.

o   At UMMS, approval by the department Vice President or above.

o   At UMB, domestic travel requires supervisor approval. International travel to some high-risk countries, as categorized by the U.S. State Department, requires Dean or Vice President approval.

·         UMMS and UMB encourage all individuals be tested before and after all travel.

·         UMMS discourages all (work-related and personal) non-essential travel, both domestic and international.

·         These policies may differ slightly in regard to approved travel for unvaccinated individuals:

o   Approved work-related travel will not be reimbursed by UMMS for individuals who are not vaccinated.

o   UMB will permit travel for vaccinated individuals only or those with an approved exemption.

·         UMMS and UMB may differ on travel requirements should UMMS move to Level Red of the UMMS Tiered Approach due to the nature of academic grant requirements and obligated, pre-scheduled travel for UMB employees.

o   Students must receive permission from their school for university-related domestic travel.


International Student Travel

UMB-related international travel for students (e.g. international rotations, courses, externships, research fieldwork for credit or not for credit) are allowed only in exceptional circumstances through Dec. 31, 2021. Deans (or their previously identified designees) have the authority to approve international travel for UMB students in exceptional circumstances, (e.g., research that must take place overseas or for a degree or program requirement), in consultation with the Provost. This policy is subject to change depending on changing circumstances. 

  • For student international travel exception requests, Deans should consult with the Provost prior to approving.
  • The Center for Global Engagement is prepared to offer assistance or advice to students as they prepare requests, as well as to student advisors, Deans, and the Provost as they each consider supporting/approving requests for international travel exceptions. 

NOTE: The testing and quarantine recommendations above do not apply to the travel that is part of a student or employee's daily commute.

If you are unsure if a place where you traveled from, or planning travel to, is a high risk area, UMB COVID-19 Hotline can answer questions regarding your travel and determine whether it was high risk.