Tuition & Fees for the Fall 2020 Semester

July 30, 2020

Dear Student,

I am writing to share with you the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) plans for tuition and fees for the fall 2020 semester. UMB remains committed to ensuring that students, regardless of financial need, can succeed as members of our community. We have a diverse student body, including socioeconomic diversity, with students and their families requiring varying levels of financial support. We also recognize that many families’ financial needs have likely changed because of the pandemic.

Therefore, I urge students and families whose financial situations have recently changed to immediately contact Student Financial Assistance so that their financial aid packages can be reviewed for possible adjustments, which we estimate may take approximately three weeks to process. Additionally, for the fall 2020 semester, several reductions in student fees will be applied.

Fees Not Assessed & Reduction of Student Fees
The Student Government Fee of $11.00 and Shuttle Fee of $94.50 will not be billed for the fall 2020 semester. The campus shuttle service will not operate during the fall semester and a determination about spring services will be made over the next several months. Students are also assessed a Student Activities Fee ranging from $25.50 to $45.00 that is specific to their course of study. Your School is in the process of deciding the status of this fee and students will be notified by the leadership of their School in the next few weeks, which may result in delayed billing. Finally, the Campus Center Infrastructure & Services Fee (CCIS) will be reduced by 10 percent for the fall semester to $677.00 for full-time students and $75.00 per credit for part-time students.

The 10 percent reduction in the CCIS fee is possible because some services will be scaled down such as university events management and other ancillary support services. Many other services and operations will continue, including the opening of the Campus Center to serve students in August 2020. This decision was made after consultation with leadership in each of the Schools and finalization of plans for didactic, virtual, and clinical education. Students who serve on the Student Fees Advisory Board were also consulted for feedback regarding the CCIS fee.

Students have inquired about what the CCIS fee supports. The reduced CCIS fee for fall 2020 will be used as follows:


  • $390.00 for full-time students and $43.30 per credit for part-time students to support debt service bonds (principal and interest) issued to construct the Campus Center. These are required payments by the University System of Maryland and cannot be deferred.
  • $150.00 for full-time students and $16.60 per credit for part-time students to support essential student services including educational support and disability services, international services, the writing center, interprofessional learning, student development and leadership, intercultural engagement center, and the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • $83.00 for full-time students and $9.10 per credit for part-time students to support University Recreation and Fitness (URecFit) facilities. URecFit will be open for student use in the fall semester. The CCIS fee supports the operational costs of the facilities and programming including personnel. Additionally, URecFit provides employment opportunities for many students.
  • $54.00 for full-time students and $6.00 per credit for part-time students to support Campus Center operations, which includes utilities, housekeeping, building maintenance and repairs, and security.


UMB Student Affairs offers programming and services available to all UMB students. The Student Counseling Center is not funded through the CCIS fee, but it is important to note that they will continue to offer services and programming. We will communicate information in the next few weeks about in-person and virtual opportunities and resources available to students that align with the UMB COVID-19 Recovery Framework.


Response to Tuition Inquiries
We received some inquiries regarding reductions in tuition as online instruction partially replaces face-to-face learning in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. These inquiries are understandable. However, currently UMB does not plan to reduce tuition because fixed costs and costs of instruction have not appreciably decreased. Additionally, as a public institution, UMB charges tuition based on a student’s residency status as determined at the time of admission or through the residency petition process. The charge of tuition is not based on the mode of delivery of the educational instruction. All schools within the University System of Maryland follow the same policy in determining what a student is charged for tuition. To qualify for in-state status, students must meet the requirements in the University System of Maryland Policy on Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes.


Student Billing
Fall 2020 e-bills will be published in TouchNet on Friday, July 31st with an August 28th due date. The bill will not include the Student Government Fee and Shuttle Fee. If your School has not made a determination on assessing the Student Activities Fee, it may result in delayed billing. If you received your financial aid refund prior to the delayed billing, your refund included aid to cover the aforementioned fees. You will use that portion of the refund to pay any outstanding amount resulting from the delayed fee billing.

Your “cost of attendance” is used by financial aid professionals to refer to the estimated direct and indirect expenses related to your enrollment. The Office of Student Financial Assistance did not adjust your cost of attendance based on the reduction of fees that I have described. Therefore, you may, after reviewing your budget, choose to do a loan return for expected costs that you did not incur related to fee reductions. To process a loan return, please contact Student Financial Assistance to arrange an appointment.

If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email at I will try to answer your question or direct you to the appropriate person at UMB.



Flavius R. W. Lilly, PhD, MA, MPH

Vice Provost, Academic & Student Affairs