Thank You for Supporting UMB's Front Line Employees

June 22, 2020

This information has been archived. Some or all of the information below is no longer accurate.

Dear Colleagues and Friends:
As restrictions due to COVID-19 are slowly being lifted, today marks the close of the University of Maryland, Baltimore's (UMB) Food for Our Front Lines program. This initiative accomplished what we set out to do: help small businesses in West Baltimore stay afloat during quarantine, and support our colleagues still working on campus during the height of the pandemic by providing nutritious lunches.
Thanks to 477 generous donors, we provided 4,791 lunches to UMB's front line employees and gave $60,300 worth of business to restaurants in West Baltimore that are women-, minority-, or immigrant-owned. Many of you supported this effort and can be directly credited with brightening UMB's essential employees' days and helping to keep the following eateries in our community open through this crisis: Culinary Architecture, Faidley's Seafood, The Land of Kush, Neopol Savory Smokery, Ruben's Mexican Food, Taco Town, The Back Yard, and Zella's Pizzeria. THANK YOU.
We hope you will consider visiting these businesses as you return to campus, be it soon or in several months. Thank you for "shopping local" and for your generosity to our dedicated UMB co-workers.
Laura Kozak, MA
Associate Vice President
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Ashley Valis, MSW
Executive Director
Office of Community Engagement