Student Volunteer Opportunities at UMB Vaccination Clinic, Mass Vaccination Sites

March 19, 2021

The effort to vaccinate our state’s population against COVID will be a huge endeavor requiring the work of thousands of people, including medical and non-medical volunteers. 

Volunteer at the SMC Campus Center

UMB student learners are currently working in the UMB Vaccination Clinic at the Southern Management Corporation (SMC) Campus Center. If interested in learning about opportunities to volunteer at the UMB Vaccination Clinic, please complete this form. You do not need complete this form if you are already volunteering at the UMB vaccination clinic.  

Volunteer for the Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The State of Maryland is now providing an opportunity for students (18 and older) to serve as volunteers at several vaccination sites around the state. These student volunteers may serve as greeters, ambulatory assistants, observers, or in other roles as assigned by an on-site volunteer coordinator. 

The Student Volunteer Program is a special part of the Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). Volunteers will be assigned at vaccination sites closest to their listed address. 

We encourage you to volunteer and spread the word about this important endeavor.

Information and a volunteer sign up can be found here. The way for potential student-volunteers to initiate the process is to click on “Become Member.”

As part of registration, you will be asked to:

  • Fill out an online form for the Maryland Responds MRC (including signing forms stating you understand the liability coverage and confidentiality issues). 
  • Complete an online tutorial that explains the Maryland Responds MRC.
  • Watch a short training video.
  • Complete the scheduled times available to volunteer.

After signing up, you will be contacted within a day or so to verify that you are a fully registered volunteer, which will then allow you to sign up for specific dates, times, and place(s) where you would be available to volunteer. You will be recontacted about specific assignments. 

It is important that volunteers show up at the appropriate time and place they have been assigned, as scheduling of patients and smooth functioning of the POD (Point of Distribution) depends on having staff support available. It will be especially helpful if each volunteer can sign up for at least a few separate shifts over the next several weeks.

These are critical administrative and support positions at our state’s vaccination sites. Let’s help GoVax MARYLAND!