What are the visitor health and safety recommendations?

August 25, 2020 (updated July 1, 2021)

Health and Safety Recommendations for Visitors:

1. When accessing UMB-owned or -operated facilities, all visitors must comply with the UMB Updated Face Covering Policy. That policy outlines different requirements for a vaccinated and unvaccinated visitor. A visitor is not required to show proof of vaccination at this time.

a. A visitor who is not able to safely wear a face covering may be provided with a reasonable accommodation.

b. Sponsors must make their visitor(s) aware of COVID-19 safety and health guidelines, in addition to inquiring about the need for reasonable accommodations.

2. Sponsors are responsible for communicating to their international visitors arriving from overseas about compliance with guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state of Maryland, and city of Baltimore, if applicable.

a. The sponsor should notify the Office of International Services if coordinating with an international visitor.

3. Children are not allowed on campus, except as part of an organized UMB program (for example, CURE scholars) or otherwise in exigent circumstances. The UMB minors’ policy should be followed.