What are the visitor health and safety recommendations?

August 25, 2020



Visitor Access




Wear a Face Covering

Maintain Physical Distancing

Good Hygiene Practices

Negative COVID-19 Test



Daily SAFE on Campus Form



Training for Non-UMB Employees


Acknowledgement Form


The operating unit, department, or school will define a visitor’s access need based upon the anticipated duration and frequency on campus.

UMB has three access designations: Routine Access, Intermittent Access, and Infrequent Access (with varying health and safety requirements).

Routine access: A reoccurring and regular instance where a visitor requires access to a UMB owned and operated facilities, and is accessing campus on a full time basis for regularly scheduled shifts that are considered mission critical. Examples include an international scholar, research volunteer, or a returning student or recent graduate regularly studying on-campus. 

Intermittent access: An instance where a visitor requires access to a UMB owned and operated facilities on an intermittent part-time basis. Examples includes a CURE Scholar or a field instructor.

Infrequent access: An instance where a visitor is only visiting for a brief and infrequent period and requires access to UMB owned and operated facilities for a minimal amount of time. Infrequent access is generally defined as one half day up to four half days per month. These visitors are accessing UMB facilities on a sporadic basis. Examples include a community member in the Community Engagement Center, prospective student, or a Southern Management Corporation (SMC) Campus Center walk-in visitor.