UMB Weather Emergencies

December 15, 2020

Dear UMB Community:
With a possibility of snow in the forecast, now is the time to brush up on winter weather expectations and to provide new guidance regarding how winter weather will impact those working and learning from home. 
Notification of Delay, Closure, or Liberal Leave
In the event of a UMB-wide delay or closure, a UMB Alert will be sent to the university community. In some cases, this message may be sent as early as 5 a.m. to ensure that those with long commutes or early shifts are aware of the change in campus operations. 
Please ensure that your information is up-to-date in UMB Alerts. Information about a change in on-campus operations will also be available on the UMB Alerts webpage, UMB social media accounts, and the UMB Emergency Information Hotline (410-706-8622). Please note, in order to avoid confusion and misinformation, weather-related delays and closures will no longer be sent to local media outlets. 
Operational Expectations
In the event of a UMB-wide delay or closure, or liberal leave, essential employees are expected to work their regular shifts unless excused by their supervisor. 
Employees who are scheduled to telework should work their regularly scheduled hours.
If liberal leave is announced, on-campus employees who are not designated as essential employees may work as scheduled or may use their own accrued annual, holiday, personal, or compensatory leave, or leave without pay. Those intending to use liberal leave must contact their supervisor to let them know they are using liberal leave as soon as possible prior to the start of their shift. However, prior approval to take liberal leave is not required. Once again, during liberal leave, employees who are scheduled to telework should work their regularly scheduled hours.
Please communicate with your immediate supervisor if you have any questions about whether to come to campus or if you need alternative accommodations due to weather conditions in your local area. 
The Office of Emergency Management and our partners across UMB will continue to monitor the weather and will provide updates as soon as they become available.
Jonathan Bratt, MS, CCEMTP
Executive Director
Office of Emergency Management  
Matt Lasecki, SPHR  
Associate Vice President 
Chief Human Resources Officer