Employee Parking Fees Cancellation

May 29, 2020

To the UMB Community:
The Office of Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) appreciates the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) staff and faculty for their continued service during the COVID-19 pandemic whether you are working on campusor from your home. Continuing to support the parking program during this crisis is for the greater good of the University.
It will allow PTS to continue to pay our UMB parking employees and maintain the facilities at the standards that UMB personnel expect. PTS is an auxiliary unit. It is expected to balance its budget based solely on the revenue it generates from parkers and shuttle bus support. 
However, UMB recognizes that parking is a voluntary election by employees. If an employee decides that they want to cancel their parkingaccess, they should be aware of and acknowledge the following:
  • To cancel, the employee must terminate their garage access in the parking system. The employee cannot retain their parking access and have their parking deductions suspended.
  • Employees will have to send the cancellation request to parkingcashier@umaryland.edu and return their permit to the parking office (U.S. mail is acceptable). There is a $10 lost permit fee if an employee states that they have lost their permit/garage access. 
  • Once a parking assignment is given up by a parker, there is no guarantee that they will regain access to the same UMB or non-UMB garage. They will have to go into the parking allocation pool and wait for their assignment from their parking liaison.
  • If an employee determines they want to regain their parking access at a later date, they should be prepared for delays. Please plan ahead. Depending on the number of employees opting back in at the time you do, it will likely take more time than normal. Employees will unfortunately be required to pay the daily visitor parking rate until a new parking assignment can be completed.
  • Due to the significant financial implications of parkers electing to cancel their payroll deduction, PTS will seek opportunities to mitigate the losses. As a result, PTS will look to reallocate additional spaces to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Thus, there will be fewer spaces for the parking liaison to allocate to UMB employees if they elect to re-enroll in the program.
  • A decrease in revenues may result in increased fees in the future. Most costs for operating the parking program are fixed.
Any further questions should be directed to parkingcashier@umaryland.edu.
Dawn Rhodes, MBA
Chief Business and Finance Officer and Vice President