UMB CURE Scholars Program

3 children part of the CURE Scholars program

Launched in fall 2015, the UMB CURE Scholars Program is a comprehensive science pipeline initiative that excites students about science and exposes them to careers in health care, cancer research, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

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Modeled and originally funded by a National Cancer Institute initiative designed to increase workforce diversity in the health sciences, the UMB CURE Scholars Program is different from the national CURE program in one important way: UMB CURE engages students early in their academic careers — beginning in sixth grade — and remains with them through middle, high school, and college to create a truly comprehensive pipeline experience. Through this unique model, UMB aims to support our West Baltimore neighbors as they grow and become the next generation of cancer researchers, doctors, and health scientists.

Scholars come to the CURE program from three middle schools in the underserved neighborhoods of West Baltimore: Franklin Square Middle School, Green Street Academy, and Southwest Baltimore Charter School. West Baltimore is historically home to some of Baltimore’s poorest communities, including the Poppleton and Hollins Market neighborhoods, whose median household income in 2016 was just under $20,000 a year, with 65.3 percent of children living below the poverty line.

Shareen Farquharson“Before CURE, many of my classmates wanted to become NFL players, NBA players, or hairstylists, but now some of us want to become doctors, engineers, anesthesiologists, or plastic surgeons. CURE has helped us improve our math scores, our study habits, and has shown us what it means to be a health care professional. CURE has helped me to get closer to my goal of becoming a cardiologist.” 

    Cohort 2 scholar, Green Street Academy

The UMB CURE Scholars Program is year-round, rigorous, and intense. Scholars participate in hands-on, after-school sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, an all-day Saturday session throughout the school year, and a comprehensive summer enrichment program. These sessions are designed to stimulate curiosity, build life skills and scientific knowledge, and help develop comfort working in laboratory and medical settings while navigating a graduate campus. The CURE Scholars enjoy a 5:1 mentor-to-scholar ratio, allowingGroup of Cure Scholars for significant one-on-one time to conduct experiments that foster curiosity and enhance science skills while building strong relationships with UMB faculty, staff, and students.

The UMB CURE Scholars Program does not select only the highest performers in participating schools; scholars are selected into the program based on their commitment to a long-term engagement. This method helps to broaden the pool of college-ready students pursuing health care careers. Scholars choose among three curricular tracks: robotics, anatomy, and engineering, undertaken with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. 

Through multiple scientific opportunities, UMB CURE Scholars gain knowledge, presentation experience, self-confidence, and the motivation necessary to succeed, as well as expand their social networks to include multiple positive adult mentors including health science professionals.

For more information, please download our UMB Cure Scholars Program brochure.