Promise Heights

Healthy baby seminar Promise Heights

A strong and vibrant Baltimore requires children who are healthy, educated, and ready to enter the workforce.

Children face many hurdles to their education: inadequate schools, violence at home and on the street, deficient health care, stressed parents, and meager recreational and cultural opportunities. Despite the systemic lack of opportunities and resources needed for any child to succeed, we erroneously expect an individual child’s grit and resilience to be the path toward achieving their full potential.

Instead, multifaceted approaches are needed so that all children have access to resources to ensure they are physically and emotionally healthy, their families are economically strong, their school experiences are intellectually enriching, and they live in safe homes and supportive neighborhoods.

This is where Promise Heights, operated by the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s School of Social Work, comes in. Check out our video where we cover what Community Campus is all about which includes Promise Heights.

A Focused Mission

Promise Heights is a collaboration of five public schools, 20 organizations, numerous city and state agencies, and UMB’s School of Social Work, which partners with families in Upton/Druid Heights to prepare children to be ready for kindergarten, to read at grade level, and to graduate from high school ready for college and career. Promise Heights also supports families to overcome barriers in housing, health care, and employment – so that families have foundational needs addressed and can focus on fully supporting their children’s education.

Learn about our strategies

Dr. Perman and Yumi Hogan with students from Promise Heights while they paint a mural“I’m so proud of Promise Heights for showing all of us what it takes to be a force for good in our own community. To anyone who says that Baltimore’s problems are too entrenched, too intractable to be fixed, Promise Heights is my answer, even though it’s not an easy one. They’ve shown us how to engage communities and provide services and ultimately grow a stronger, more resilient city.”

  President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore

How You Can Help

We invite your partnership in and commitment to joining the growing number of UMB Community Campus benefactors deeply vested in transforming the lives of children and families in one of Baltimore’s most challenged yet resilient communities. Residents of Upton/Druid Heights need investment from partners to overcome systemic barriers and create better tomorrows. 

Your financial support will provide a continuum of services from prenatal to early childhood, during the school day, in after-school and summer programs, and on to college readiness. 

Learn how you can support the Promise Heights initiative.