Students involved with campus climate survey

To help you better understand the UMB Campus Climate Survey, we have developed these frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If you have any questions about the survey or campus resources, please contact Courtney Jones Carney, MBA, director of interprofessional student learning and service initiatives, at Courtney.Carney@umaryland.edu. Please visit the resources page for more information about internal and external resources.

What is campus climate?

Campus climate is the attitudes, perceptions, experiences, and institutional efforts inside and outside of the classroom that shape an environment. An institution's campus climate influences how different individuals experience different environments as it relates to feelings of safety, inclusion, and respect.

*This definition has been adapted by Woodard, V.S., and Sims, J.M. (2000). Programmatic approaches to improving campus climate. NASPA Journal, 37, 539–552. and Cress (2002) and Cress, C.M. (2002). Campus climate. In A.M. Martinez, & K.A. Renn (Eds.), Women in higher education: An encyclopedia (pp. 390–397). Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, Inc.

Why is campus climate important?

Understanding how individuals and groups who have diverse identities experience the same University can inform the development of strategies to positively shape the campus climate.

What is the purpose of a campus climate survey?

A campus climate survey is an assessment tool used to gather data that will be analyzed to gain a better understanding of the University’s strengths, opportunities, and challenges related to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Will my results be confidential?

Yes, not only will your results be confidential, they also will be anonymous. This means there is no way to connect you to your survey answers. If you choose to provide comments about your experiences, any personally identifying information will be deleted in reports of the survey results.

Who conducted the survey?

Although the survey invitation and reminders will come from Campus Life Services, the survey itself is being administered through the Education Advisory Board (EAB), a best-practices education research firm in Washington, D.C.

Why was an outside entity used to conduct the survey?

Since 2015, EAB has worked with more than 60 unique colleges and universities to successfully launch campus climate surveys on their respective campuses. By collaborating with EAB, the University of Maryland, Baltimore is able to gain cross-institutional insight of campus climate. Additionally, partnership with an outside entity may provide some students with a greater sense of confidentiality and anonymity.

Can the results be compared to results of other institutions?

Yes, 50 institutions committed to issuing the campus climate survey through EAB. Each participating institution will receive a cross-institutional report from EAB.

What will be done with the data from the results?

A task force is being assembled to develop a response plan. The task force will consist of representatives from the seven schools as well as central administration and Campus Life Services. The task force is committed to using the results to take action toward an improved UMB climate. Please continue to check this web page for updates.