Occasionally, the IronPort System may not block a SPAM email message and that message will be delivered to your email Inbox.  If you receive an unsolicited email in your Inbox, first determine whether it is SPAM email or just a bulk email message from a legitimate vendor. 

If you have determined that a message is unsolicited SPAM email, send that message as an attachment to  Do not forward the message or just the email headers.  The system administrators need to see the entire SPAM email in its original format. 

If you receive multiple and continuous SPAM messages from a specific email address or domain, you may want to add that email addresses to your Blocklist manually. (Instructions on how to block an email address).  Please note that spammers will often change the email address they are using to send SPAM, or spoof the email address they are using.  As a result, adding an email address to your ‘Blocklist’ may not always stop future SPAM.