Faculty Storage Plan

The current data storage program for UMB researchers administered by the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) offers UMB Principal Investigators 1 terabyte of free secondary backup storage and highly subsidized pricing for additional backup storage. 

This serves the need of a Principal Investigator who has his or her research data stored on local or portable media and desires an institutionally supported backup for redundancy.   

Now CITS has collaborated with the School of Medicine's Office of Information Services to offer a new primary storage service as well — one that meets industry-standard secure methods for storing and backing up data. 

Using a data storage system named SOMFiles, managed by the School of Medicine's Office of Information Services, data stored as primary storage are protected with several backup and data protection methods: Snapshots of the data are taken hourly for easier and quicker restores; replication of the data is performed every four hours to another storage array in an alternate physical location on campus; and data are backed up nightly, with backup tapes stored at a secure facility more than 20 miles from campus. 

For details such as pricing, data protocols, and how to participate in the new data storage service, please see the Data Storage information.