Data Storage

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) and the School of Medicine Office of Information Services are collaborating on a research data storage offering for the UMB Community.  An additional data storage option is now available to grant funded Principal Investigators. 

The two options are described as follows:

Backup Storage Option

Principal Investigators from across the UMB campus with active research funding can receive up to 1 terabyte of free secondary back-up storage for research data.  If additional storage is needed, 4 terabytes can be purchased for a one-time charge of $1,000, bringing total storage to 5 terabytes.  If additional storage is needed above 5 terabytes, there is a one-time charge of $700/terabyte. 

An applicable use case for the Backup Storage Option is when a Principal Investigator has his/her research data stored on local or portable media and desires an institutionally supported back-up for redundancy.  This secondary storage option is not backed-up and there is no additional protection of the data should a disaster situation occur. 

Primary Storage Option

A primary data storage system, named SOMFiles, will be managed by the School of Medicine Office of Information Services and is offered to all UMB Principal Investigators.  Connectivity to SOMFiles is via the CIFS protocol, which most leading operating systems offer, including Windows, Apple and Linux.  Authentication to SOMFiles is via SOM Information Services credentials, various SOM Department credentials, FPI credentials or via credentials used to access a Campus computer.

An applicable use case for the Primary Storage Option is when a Principal Investigator needs a primary data storage solution that applies industry-standard, secure methods for storing and backing-up data.

Data stored as primary storage are protected with several back-up and data protection methods.  Snapshots of the data are taken hourly for easier and quicker restores.  Replication of the data is performed every 4 hours to another storage array in an alternate physical location on campus.  Data are backed-up nightly and back-up tapes are taken offsite weekly to a secure facility 20+ miles from campus for storage.  The cost of the primary storage option is $700 per terabyte per year. 

Next Steps

If you are a faculty member currently participating in the Backup Storage Option, and backing up data via iSCSI or WebDav protocols, please contact Scott Stefan, Executive Director of Information Technology Projects, via email or call at 6-1223.  He can assist you in changing your connection to the back-up data storage via the CIFS protocol which you will need to use.  Please also contact Scott if you have an interest in moving from back-up storage to primary storage, or an interest in having storage provisioned to you.     

If you have general questions regarding this data storage service, please contact Peter Murray or Sharon Bowser. The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) and the School of Medicine Office of Information Services are hoping that you find this enhanced data storage service useful.