The goal of this group is to guide the technical implementation of Questionmark on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus to ensure that system stability is maintained and the overall needs of school administrators, faculty, and students are addressed.


  • Evaluate and address functionality issues impacting faculty, staff, and students
  • Explore and define implementation practices that will support user needs
  • Explore implementation practices by other Questionmark clients
  • Create draft policies for the administration and implementation of Blackboard for the Educational Technology committee as appropriate
  • Provide input on the implementation of new hardware and software associated with the advancement of Questionmark as a central application.

Current Meeting Schedule:

First Tuesday of every month as part of the Monthly Academic Learning Systems Support Meeting


  • Teresa Pucciarella  (CITS)
  • CJ Duryee (CITS)
  • Merlin Tchouante (CITS)
  • Mike Klos (CITS)
  • Schools' Questionmark Admins (SON, SOP, SOD)
  • Others as appropriate