Widget Owners - Editing Widget Links

Widget owners have administrative access to add and edit links within any widgets they “own”.  The following instructions detail how to make these updates.

Customizing a Widget

Once in the myUMB portal, click the My Setting (Gear icon) to the right of the portal banner:

  • Under My Settings, click the Admin icon. A page similar to the following will appear:

  • Select the widget to be updated. A page similar to the following will appear:

Adding a Link

To Add a new link to the widget, click on the Add button in the upper left-hand corner. In the window that opens, the following fields are available.  Title and URL are the only required fields:

  • Title (Required) – The link name that will appear within the widget.
  • URL (Required) – The full URL address.
  • Alternative Link section (Optional) – This section allows for adding an alternative link for when the main application/system is going to be unavailable due to planned maintenance so that the user will be redirected to a different version/page.
    • Alternative Link – The full alternative URL address.
    • Alternative Start/ End Date – The date(s) for when the alternative URL should be available.
    • Alternative Start/ End Time – The time for when the alternative URL should be available.


  • Contact Email – Contact person if users have a questions/issues with the link.
  • Start/End Date – Allows for the link to be in view during a specific timeframe/window only.
  • Security Type – Defaults to Public. If a link should be limited to a specific audience (i.e. only students, or a specific department), select Private and the appropriate security group. If the security group you want to use is not listed, contact webdevelopment@umaryland.edu
  • Order Position – The position you want the link to appear within the widget.
  • Keywords – Enter keywords that will help improve the search for the link.

Once all the appropriate fields are completed, click Add.  You will return to the Admin page and can immediately test the link to ensure it was entered correctly.

Editing a Link

If a link needs to be updated or an alternative link needs to be added (see above for field descriptions):

  • Click Edit to the left of the link name.
  • Make the necessary updates.
  • Click Update.

You will return to the Admin page.

Deleting a Link

If a link needs to be removed from a widget, click on Delete to the far right:


Note: Any links that are added or updated will also appear in the “What’s New” widget for 2 weeks, even if users don’t have that widget active in their portal view.  If the link has a security type filtered, it will only appear for people who meet that filtered criteria.


Widget Owner - Editing Widget Links PDF