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What if I do not have a smart phone, or it is broken, or not available? What if I do not have the Duo Mobile app?

The Duo Mobile app is the preferred second factor to use with Duo.  It is the easiest method, and will provide the best user experience.

However, if you do not have a smart phone, or your smart phone is broken, or not available, or you have not installed the Duo Mobile app, you can still use Duo.


Temporary - I cannot use the Duo Mobile app now, but I will in the future!

If you cannot use the Duo Mobile app on your smart phone or tablet now - because your phone is broken, the battery is dead, the phone is not with you, the app was uninstalled, etc. the ability to generate a bypass code is available.

  • From any browser, use this link
  • In the UMID field, enter your UMID.
  • On the next screen, enter your password.
  • Click Submit
  • The UMB Account Management page will appear. In the Setup your: menu to the left, select Multi Factor Authentication (Duo).
  • The Duo Self Service page will appear:
  • Click Generate Bypass Code.
  • You will be asked to identify yourself by entering your date of birth and either the last 4 digits of your SSN or a UMB PIN.
  • Click Submit.
  • The Duo bypass code will appear. It will be valid for 10 minutes. Either write the code down or highlight the code by selecting Ctrl + C to copy it.

To use the code:

  • When signing into an application requiring MFA, on the Choose an authentication method screen, click Enter a Passcode.
    • You can instead select My Settings and Devices to either add a landline or another smartphone if desired.
  • Enter the provided passcode and then click Log In.

NOTE:  Generating a bypass code is meant to be typically a temporary solution. If you need a permanent solution because you do not have a smartphone or it is not available, please contact the Help Desk at 6-4357 for additional assistance and information on other alternatives.

Permanent - I cannot use the Duo Mobile app now, and will not in the future!

If you cannot use the Duo Mobile app on your smart phone or tablet now or in the future - because you do not have a smart phone or cannot install the Duo Mobile app for some other reason, etc. - please call the Help Desk, at 706-4357.

We can issue you a temporary passcode so you can access your account and add another device, like a landline, or temporary mobile phone.

We can help you to setup one or more landlines so Duo can call your desk phone, home phone, mobile phone, etc.

We can also help you to determine whether a hardware token or "key fob" is a possible solution for you.

Similar Questions

What if I do not have a mobile phone?

You can use a landline or a tablet. Duo also lets you link multiple devices to your account, so you can use your mobile phone, a landline, and/or a tablet. We suggest that you enroll more than one device for redundancy in the event that a device is lost or unavailable.

If none of these options is available to you, you can be issued a hardware token, or "fob." Please coordinate with your local school or department IT team for approval:

  • Central Administration - IT Help Desk
  • HS/HSL — M.J. Tooey
  • School of Dentistry — Kent Buckingham
  • School of Law — Mike Green
  • School of Medicine — Scott Stefan
  • FPI — Tia Stokes
  • School of Nursing — IT Help Desk
  • School of Pharmacy — Tim Munn
  • School of Social Work — David Pitts

What if I lose my mobile phone or it is stolen?

Contact the Help Desk via email or call 410-706-4357 immediately if you lose your phone or suspect that it has been stolen. The device will be disabled for authentication and you will be assisted in enrolling another phone/device.

While it is important that you contact the Help Desk if you lose your phone, remember that your password will still protect your account.

Should I enroll more than one device in MFA?

It is important to enroll more than one device (such as a smartphone and desk phone) in MFA to avoid difficulties authenticating if you lose or don’t have your only enrolled device with you.

To add a backup device, follow the procedures listed here -

What if I only have one device registered and it's not available to access my account?

We recommend that you have two devices registered with Duo in case one device is unavailable. In the event that you can't access your account due to your device(s) being unavailable, please contact the IT Help Desk via email or at 410-706-4357 for a temporary bypass code to allow access to your accounts.  You can also create a temporary bypass code.  See the instructions above under "Temporary".