Priority Projects and Activities - June 2022

Elastic Replaces LogRythm 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: This log management software replaces the current application, LogRythm. The final log ingests within AWS (Amazon Web Services) were completed. The project was completed on Feb. 2, 2022.

Complete Implementation of Zoom and Establish Support 

CITS Accountable Lead – Tom Hockensmith

Description: Except for School of Medicine (SOM), we have brought all users and domains to the UMB account. SOM will be responsible to claim their domains with Zoom and to force Single Sign-On for CITS is assisting SOM to assess the number of the remaining users/domains so they may better plan their efforts. 

Portal Replacement 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: The new portal went into production on May 14, 2022.

Secure Research/TriNetX/AVD (Hospital data project) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: We are currently working on establishing the Azure infrastructure and networking needed to move research data and deliver it to a secure virtual desktop to be used by researchers.

NetIQ Transition to Microsoft 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: We have moved off of the eDirectory product NetIQ and onto the Microsoft product Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). All applications have been moved to the new directory platform. All domain controllers also have been moved to the new platform. This project completed in February 2022.

Visitor Management System 

CITS Accountable Lead - Brian Coats

Description: We replaced the paper-based visitor tracking method with a visitor management system called LobbyGuard. Kiosks were installed at the guard desks in the buildings where a public safety officer is stationed. The system helps facilitate the capturing of visitor information and provide a photo sticker one-day badge for the visitor so they are more visible. This project completed in March 2022.

ColdFusion Moving to the Cloud 

CITS Accountable Lead – Trisha Kaufman

Description: This project will move all ColdFusion applications to the Azure cloud environment. We have received approval from Security and Compliance to use GitHub for version control, management, and moving files to the web servers. Planning is currently underway.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) – Multifactor Authentication Compliance 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: This effort is to identify all applications that still utilize LDAP for authentication and either move them to use Single Sign-On or VPN for authentication or document an exception for continuing with LDAP.

Replace Cisco VPN with Palo Alto 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: This effort will activate and utilize posture checking for the Palo Alto VPN. Palo Also is working with us to resolve vulnerabilities with specific portions of posture checking. Currently, all outdated operating systems are being blocked; all other checks/tests are active in monitor/alert mode.

Posture Checking for Palo Alto VPN 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: We have moved everyone to the Palo Alto VPN except for two VPN groups, due to an unresolved issue. We have an open ticket with Palo Alto to resolve the issue. We also have upgraded the Palo Alto VPN to v5.2.11 as of May 23, 2022.

Building Access Entitlement System – Access Review 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: We have automated the One Card access review/removal process so that any access that is marked for removed is automatically updated in that system (Lenel), without needing manual action from Public Safety.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Discovery/Proof of Concept 

CITS Accountable Lead – Ryan Whyms

Description: This project will establish Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) framework and presence for a variety of use cases and investigate posture-checking capabilities to evaluate remotely connecting devices. Much work has been completed to establish sandbox environments for all the schools, as well as Central Administration. We have finalized the Proof of Concept for Central Administration. 

Enabling Access to Azure for School IT Groups 

CITS Accountable Leads – Ryan Whyms

Description: This project involves networking setup, administration/billing operations, permissions, and providing the school IT groups the ability to stand up servers.

300 West Lexington Revamp: Phase 1 – Transition to AI Net Contract 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: This project transitions to the vendor the responsibility for the 300 West Lexington data center (room/space) and will reconfigure how the network enters this space, including re-cabling and network changes.

School of Nursing (SON) Building Renovations 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: CITS coordinated the needs for fiber cables, wireless connectivity, telephones, and power. All network connections have been made in the basement and the first floor. Upper floors are being renovated, but CITS is not involved. This project is complete.

Data Center Core Replacement 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: CITS/Central Administration servers have been moved to the new core switches. All old equipment has been removed. This project completed on April 21, 2022. 

Oracle 19c Upgrades 

CITS Accountable Lead – Ryan Whyms

Description: Upgrade all Oracle databases to version 19c. All applications that can support Oracle 19c have been moved to that version. Applications that cannot support it will need to be upgraded before they can move to Oracle 19c.

Use MDREN and Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) to Establish Virtual Large Area Networks (Vlans) from Campus to Azure Express Route 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: Establish the use of Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN) and Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (AX) to connect UMB's campus network via Azure Express Route. The first phase of the project, to establish the Vlans using site-to-site (S2S) VPN connection has been completed. Phase 2 (move traffic off of the S2S VPN and begin traversing traffic over the Azure Express Route) was completed on Feb. 26, 2022.

Payment Card Industry (PCI)-Compliant Routers for Parking 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: To ensure Parking’s network is PCI compliant, a small Cisco firewall has been installed for their network. Each parking location is completely isolated from UMB CITS’ network with regard to credit card processing. This project completed on March 15, 2022.

Move UMD Safe Office to UMB Campus Network 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: Transitioning the administration of the technical aspects of the SAFE Center initiative from College Park to UMB. All support and configurations are on UMB support currently, including the computer hardware and network, data migration, and new conference room A/V solution. The only remaining item is for College Park to decide how many phone lines are needed so they can be provided by UMB.

Conversion to Baltimore City 911 Service 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: To comply with law, all calls to campus 911 have been transferred to the Baltimore City Police, including those with the Maryland Poison Center. We are using a solution called RedSky. It allows those calls to be sent to Baltimore City Police while allowing UMB Public Safety to listen in. This was completed on Jan. 19, 2022.

Move Analog Phone Lines to VoIP 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: This project will assess all telephone lines for each school and department to confirm their continued need and move all analog lines to VoIP that can moved. We are making progress converting the over 800 lines that can be converted.

Azure Networking 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: This project will set up the necessary Azure foundation components such as networking configuration, firewall and Express Route setup, and Microsoft Azure subscriptions. We are working with Microsoft as we affirm our approaches to each item.

School of Nursing Banner Reports Pilot 

CITS Accountable Lead – Michael Brown

Description: We enabled the School of Nursing to convert legacy Banner student data reports written in Crystal Reports and MS Access to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This was completed on April 15, 2022.

School of Nursing and Graduate School DegreeWorks Report Pilot 

CITS Accountable Lead – Michael Brown

Description: We will assist the School of Nursing (SON) and the Graduate School (GRAD) with developing new reports in Oracle Analytics Cloud for Degree Works data, as well as teach report writers how to create their own reports in OAC. SON is demonstrating good basic proficiency of writing reports in OACS platform and is progressing with their draft reports. GRAD has identified their first DegreeWorks report.

Data Warehouse Nightly Load Time Reduction 

CITS Accountable Lead – Michael Brown

Description: The project reduced the nightly load processing time so that all data is loaded by 8 a.m. each business day in the Data Warehouse. This project completed on March 4, 2022.

Data Cookbook Installation and Setup 

CITS Accountable Lead – Michael Brown

Description: This project will install and perform the initial setup of the Data Cookbook Cloud application to capture data and reporting documentation, as well as enable the data quality assurance capabilities. We have configured single sign-on as well as installed and configured the meta-data scanning tool. We continue to configure both the data definition and report specification workflow, as well as the data quality assurance functionality.

Student Reporting for Multiple Schools 

CITS Accountable Lead – Michael Brown

Description: We are assisting the Bursar’s office and the Registrar’s office with migrating legacy reports to and developing new reports in Oracle Analytics Cloud for student data. The first report has been reviewed and accepted by the Bursar’s office.  The next set of 14 reports has been identified and prioritized. The Student Systems team is actively involved.

Philanthropy Entitlement Systems – Advance, Financial Edge, PaperSave 

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description: We have created front-end entitlement systems to request and review access to the Philanthropy systems, including Advance, Financial Edge, and PaperSave. All these entitlement systems are now live and in use. The project completed on March 18, 2022.

GiveCampus Implementation 

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description: This project replaces the online philanthropy giving system Give Corp with the new system, GiveCampus. GiveCampus forms have been completed for all schools except for School of Medicine (SOM); we continue to prepare SOM information so that the vendor can do the updating work. The School of Nursing and the Graduate School have updated all of their giving form URLs and links; the other schools need to do this as well.

Banner Self Service (SSB) 9 Implementation 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: Upgrade the self service (SSB) portion of the Banner student system to version 9. We have configured the Student Profile module and the Faculty Profile module. We are prepping for testing.

Student Systems – Current Curriculum 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: Current Curriculum, which enables a student to enroll in more than one curriculum at a time, is now complete and in production use. The project completed on April 1, 2022.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Request for Proposal (RFP) Phase 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: We are replacing the existing eUMB PeopleSoft HRMS application with the Oracle HCM Cloud solution. This phase allowed us to choose a third-party planning partner for the discovery phase, where we will plan for our implementation. We chose Huron as our planning partner. This phase of the project completed on April 28, 2022.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Discovery Phase 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: Working with our planning partner Huron, we will validate the parts of HCM we want to implement, identify the gaps where the HCM functionality does not meet our needs, find solutions for those gaps, and plan the implementation.

Migrate or Replace eTravel (Discovery) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: The eTravel application will be replaced with a cloud-based solution. We have chosen Concur from SAP as our new solution.

Concur Travel and Expense System Implementation 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: We have purchased Oracle Integration Cloud and provisioning is in progress. Discovery and design are in progress.

SOACS to SOA Marketplace Image 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: This will replace the cloud service architecture with an Oracle SOA marketplace image so we better use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The application team is currently testing and validating.

Decommission eUMB – Financials and Raven 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: We will switch to using analytics to report on financials so we can decommission eUMB Financials and Raven. We are conducting design sessions to determine the best approach to report this data in analytics.

Decommissioning of F5 Load Balancer 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: This project will determine how we can decommission the F5 load balancer and achieve load balancing with tools we already have.

Wired and Wireless Network Upgrades in Residence Halls 

CITS Accountable Lead – LaVern Phillips

Description: Upgrade with wired and wireless networks in the residence halls. Funding has been established for Pascault Row; equipment has begun to arrive for installation this summer. For Fayette Housing, we will use existing equipment.