CITS Priority Level 1 Projects - Completed FY 2022

Below are the Priority Level 1 Projects for FY 2022, listed by project, completion date, and description.


SOP Poison Center Network Segmentation

Completed - 8-24-2021image

Set up separate virtual local area networks for the Maryland Poison Center servers and workstations, and appropriate firewall rules.

AiM: Asset Works (Facilities) to replace TMA

Completed - 9-14-2021

Replaced the UMB facilities work request portal with the new product, AiM.

IHV Move to Maryland Bar Center (Fiber Connections and Phones)

Completed - 9-30-2021

CITS handled the fiber connections and phones for the Institute of Human Virology move to the Maryland Bar Center building.

MDREN and MAX to Establish VLans from Campus to AWS

Completed - 9-30-2021

Established the use of Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN) and Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) to connect UMB’s campus network to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

PaperSave – EDM Replacement for Philanthropy

Completed - 10-8-2021

Replaced the Electronic Document Management (EDM) system for Philanthropy to a cloud-based system called PaperSave. This project also converted our processes off of Laserfiche.

Microsoft ATP (Replace Symantec)

Completed - 10-15-2021

Replaced the Symantec technology threat detection/assessment solution with the Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution (now known as Microsoft Defender).

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to Gen 2

Completed - 11-9-2021

We successfully migrated to the Gen 2 platform, which enables us to securely connect to on-premises endpoints (databases/systems) for reporting.

Conversion to Baltimore City 911 Service (RedSky)

Completed - 1-19-2022

All calls to campus 911 are now transferred to the Baltimore City Police (including those with the Maryland Poison Center), using a solution called RedSky.

Advance - Entitlement System for Philanthropy

Completed - 2-2-2022

Created a front-end entitlement system to request and review access to the Advance system.

Elastic – Replaces LogRythm for Log Management

Completed - 2-4-2022

Replaced the server log management software system LogRythm with Elastic

NetIQ Transition to Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)

Completed - 2-8-2022

Moved off the eDirectory product NetIQ and onto the Microsoft product, Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).

MDREN and Max to Establish VLans from Campus to Azure Express Route for CITS

Completed - 2-26-2022

Established the use of Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN) and Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) to connect UMB’s campus network via Azure Express Route.

LobbyGuard - Visitor Management System

Completed - 3-2-2022

Replaced the paper-based visitor tracking method (used in campus buildings that have guards) with a visitor management system, LobbyGuard.

Financial Edge – Entitlement System for Philanthropy

Completed - 3-2-2022

Created a front-end entitlement system to request and review access to Financial Edge.

Data Warehouse Nightly Load Time Reduction

Completed - 3-4-2022

The project reduced the nightly load processing time so that all data is loaded by 8 a.m. each business day in the Data Warehouse.

PaperSave – Entitlement System for Philanthropy

Completed - 3-18-2022

Created a front-end entitlement system to request and review access to PaperSave.

Oracle 19c Upgrades

Completed - 3-21-2022

Upgraded all Oracle databases to version 19c. All applications that can support Oracle 19c have been moved. All other applications will need to be upgraded before they can move.

Infortel – Replacement for Mysoft

Completed - 3-28-2022

Replaced the Mysoft telecom call accounting software with a new system: Infortel.

School of Nursing Building – 1st-Floor Renovations – Networking

Completed - 3-28-2022

Coordinated needs for fiber cables, wireless connectivity, telephones, and power.

PCI Compliant Routers for Parking

Completed - 3-28-2022

To ensure Parking’s network is Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant, a small Cisco firewall has been installed for their network with a router placed between the connectors.

Banner – Current Curriculum

Completed - 04-01-2022

This project enabled a student to correctly enroll in more than one curriculum and bill them accordingly.

Strategic Planning Tracking System (SPIMS)

Completed - 4-7-2022

The Web Development Team created a Universitywide tracking system for the departmental goals to support and fulfill the university’s strategic 5-year plan.

Migrate or Replace eTravel System (Discovery)

Completed - 4-11-2022

During this discovery phase, we chose Concur as the travel and expense solution to implement.

Banner Reports Pilot for School of Nursing

Completed - 4-15-2022

Enabled the School of Nursing to convert legacy Banner student data reports written in Crystal Reports and MS Access to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

Data Center Core Replacement at HS/HSL

Completed - 4-21-2022

New core switches have been installed, configured, and activated.

Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) – RFP Phase

Completed - 4-30-2022

This phase of our HR system replacement was to choose a third-party implementation planning partner via Request For Proposal process. We ultimately chose Huron.

Banner – eTranscript from Parchment

Completed - 5-13-2022

Through the third-party Parchment solution, we are offering electronic transcripts to students (eTranscripts).

UMB Portal Replacement

Completed - 5-14-2022

Replaced the old portal, which was based on a PeopleSoft product we no longer rely on, with a new portal designed and built by the Web Development team.