CITS Priority Level 1 Projects - Completed FY 2021

Below are the Priority Level 1 Projects for FY 2021, listed by project, completion date, and description.


Mediasite Storage Rearchitect

Completed - 08/13/2020image

This desktop capture tool records class sessions and lectures and uploads recordings to university servers. This project repurposed Mediasite’s disaster recovery storage for primary storage.

Integration of Learning Space and Zoom

Completed - 08/27/2020image

We set up sub-accounts in Zoom and configured Learning Space Virtual Classrooms to use Zoom (for School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy).

Electronic Signatures (DocuSign)

Completed - 09/24/2020image

Allows electronic documents to be legally signed electronically, eliminating the need for hard copy documents.  

Security Awareness Training (SumTotal)

Completed - 09/30/2020image

Setting up and requiring training on security awareness, campus wide.

Rapid7 – Replaces Nessus

Completed - 09/30/2020image

Replace the old system vulnerability detection software.

Advance Server Upgrade

Completed - 10/13/2020image

Used for fundraising and alumni relations.

NIST 800-63-3 Password Policy

Completed - 11/02/2020image

NIST revised the old password policy standards we followed as they were dated and insecure and determined that longer passwords that pass specific security checks are significantly stronger and allow for the removal of periodic changes. Now, anyone who uses a multi-factor authentication MFA method (DUO) to provide a password can have a non-expiring password.

Preferred Name

Completed - 11/13/2020image

Created a new web app with an e-form to request the use of a preferred name, gender, or pronoun. This has also been connected to our OneCard university identity card system.

Identity Management– FIS (School of Medicine) Data Source

Completed - 12/11/2020image

Set up using the Faculty Information System (FIS) as a data source to the UMB Directory Services Identity Management (IdM) system.

Closed Caption for Webex and Zoom

Completed - 02/27/2021image

Enable closed captioning for both Webex and Zoom.

Compliance Project (Assess High Risk and Medium Risk Items)

Completed - 02/28/2021image

Addressed potential audit findings within our systems.

Mapping USM Standards to UMB policies and Procedures

Completed - 02/28/2021image

This project ensured that all items called out in the USM Security Standards have a corresponding policy or procedure associated with it.  UMB policies and procedures were updated and or created to address all the items in the USM Security Standards version 4.0.

Analytics and Reporting [Stabalization needs]

Completed - 03/31/2021image

Improved Quantum Analytics by completing the following: enabled usage tracking, enhanced balance sheet reporting, prepped for year-end close and financial audit, added encumbrances to Trans Union report, and lessened dependency on consultants through knowledge transfer sessions.

Upgrade to Redhat 7

Completed - 04/30/2021image

Redhat is an operating system that runs on our Linux servers. The upgrade to Redhat7 enabled access to the latest features and enhancements available from RedHat and improved the security of our environment.

Cloud Faxing (eFax)

Completed - 05/03/2021image

Enabling the ability to fax via email.

HCM, Portal and Phire People Tools 8.5.7 Upgrade

Completed - 05/31/2021image

Upgraded the Human Resources Management System.

Maximus Upgrade

Completed - 06/28/2021image

Upgraded the sponsored research effort reporting system.

SCCM – replaces ZenWorks

Completed - 06/30/2021image

ZenWorks, our old endpoint security management tool, was replaced with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).