Updated Browser Guidelines for eUMB Applications

March 9, 2015   |  By Financial Systems

Internet Explorer 11 has now been certified to work consistently with the following enterprise applications:

  • Travel eForms
  • eUMB Financials 
  • RAVEN (Financials Inquiry, SPC Inquiry, PCard Inquiry and COEUS Inquiry)

By using a certified browser / version, you reduce the chance of encountering unusual problems such as printing failures or never-ending searches.

For an updated list of browsers certified to work with eUMB applications, RAVEN and eForms, please refer to the revised handout, Browsers Certified For Use With eUMB Applications, RAVEN and eForms.

If you choose to use a browser not listed as certified, be aware that you may experience inconsistencies in eUMB applications.  If you must use a browser which is not certified yet, we recommend implementing one of the following solutions if you experience problems:

  • Change Browsers:  Switch to a browser/version which has been certified for use with eUMB, RAVEN and eForms applications.  A list of certified browsers/versions can be found in the next section
  • Change Versions:  Ask your IT Support group to consider replacing the latest version with an earlier, certified version. 

For more details, please refer to the following handouts:

If you need further assistance with your browser version or settings, please contact your local IT Support group or team member.