Payroll Processing Changes & Enhancements Began July 14 (07/11/14)

December 8, 2014   |  By Financial Services Payroll

(This message was originally posted on 07/11/14.  It was converted to the new web format on 12/08/14.)

  Starting the week of July 14, 2014, payroll processing will be moved earlier in the pay week.  In addition, F&A is being run more frequently.  As a result of these changes, you will now be able to get payroll, encumbrance and F&A data earlier.  The tradeoff is that your EFP deadline has also been moved earlier.  Details of these changes are shown below.

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Employee Funding Profile Load Times

  • EFPs are now loaded 4 times a day Monday through Friday:  10 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM and 8 PM.

Tuesday (of a pay week):                                   

  • EFPs must be entered and approved before 8 PM on the Tuesday prior to pay day Friday.

Wednesday (of a pay week):

  • New Budget Retro Cutoff Dates go into effect beginning Wednesday morning at 6 AM.
  • The Actuals Distribution and encumbrance processes are run in eUMB HRMS for the Pay Period (PP) being paid on Friday.

Thursday (of a pay week):

  • Beginning Thursday morning eUMB HRMS reports and queries include Payroll Distribution and Encumbrance data for the PP being paid on Friday.

Friday (pay day):

  • F&A posted to eUMB Financials on pay day Friday includes payroll data for the PP being paid that day.
  • Payroll data for the PP being paid is available in RAVEN on pay day Friday:

-   RAVEN Financials Inquiry pages include payroll, encumbrance and F&A data.

-   RAVEN SPC Inquiry includes payroll, fringe and encumbrance data.



 Payroll Processing Changes & Enhancements (07/11/14)