eTravel: New Sorting Feature on 'View an eTravel Form' (09/26/16)

September 26, 2016   |  By Robin Reid

You can now use the column headers on the View an eTravel Form page to sort your results: 1 click = A to Z, 2 clicks = Z to A.  You can only sort by one header at a time, but often that’s all you need to make lengthy lists easier to read.

For instance, you can quickly answer these common questions using the sort feature after searching by traveler’s User ID, First/Last Name or Department ID:

  • How many of our eTravel forms are in On Hold status (or Partially Approved, Pending or Executed)?  Sort by Form Status.
  • What is the status of Dr. Z’s eTravel Expense reimbursement form (TEXP)?  Sort by Name.
  • When was an eTravel Expense reimbursement form submitted for this traveler?  Sort by Original Date.
  • What was the last action date on the traveler’s latest eTravel Request forms (TREQ)?  Sort by Last Date.





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