Changes and Enhancements to the Enterprise Training Database (12/08/14)

December 8, 2014   |  By Financial Systems

An upgraded version of the Enterprise Training Database went live on December 1, 2014.  You will find a few changes and a number of useful enhancements.  The list below includes enhancements that you’ll notice right away.

If you have questions, please contact the Campus Help Desk for assistance.  They can be reached by email at or by phone at 410-706-4357 (or 6-HELP from on campus).

  • NEW Location (URL):  Please EDIT or DELETE existing browser Favorites or Bookmarks for the Enterprise Training Database.  Replace them with a favorite/bookmark to Enterprise Training Enrollment Database (  The old link was “http” rather than “https”.  The “http” link will cause failures.)
  • NEW Login Required:  You must now login to the Enterprise Training Database using your UMID and Portal password.  In the past you have not had to login.
  • Register for a Class:  Click the (new) Add Course link.  The rest of the steps are the same:  search by Course Type (such as RAVEN), click the course link, click Register on the desired date.
  • NEW Register for Pre-Requisites First:  If a class has a pre-requisite listed, you must sign up for the pre-requisite first.  The enrollment database will deny enrollment in subsequent classes if you have not registered for the pre-requisite course.
  • NEW View Your Training Record:  You are now able to view your training record as soon as you login.
  • NEW Drop a Class:  You can now change your registration yourself.  You can drop a date and (if needed) register for a different date.  As you login, you will see a list of your upcoming classes.  To cancel a registration before the start time of the class, click the Drop link located to the far right of each class listing.  After the class start time, please contact the Campus Help Desk for assistance.
  • NEW Register for a Refresher:  You can now enroll yourself for a refresher if that class is set up for multiple enrollments. (Many classes are set up this way and others will be setup this way soon.)
  • NEW Cannot Register Another Person for Class:  You can no longer register someone else for a class.  Each person must now login to register for a class.




 Changes and Enhancements to the Enterprise Training Database (12/08/14)