Access to Requisitions--Limited This Week

June 27, 2016   |  By Financial Systems

This message was sent to all users of eUMB Financials on 06/27/16. 

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 June 28-June 30:  Limited Access to Requisition Functions

From June 28 to June 30 CITS and Procurement will be performing the fiscal year end PO Rollover processing in eUMB Financials.  This process requires us to limit some of the Requisition functions in the system.

During this time you will NOT be able to

  • Process Worklist items
  • Enter, edit, cancel, deny, approve or print FY 16 or FY 17 Requisitions

Requisition search and view functions will work as normal.

All Requisition functions will be re-activated on July 1. 


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