UMVibe - What's in it for me?

July 6, 2015   |  By Chris Phillips

Vibe is a secure web-based tool for sharing information and working collaboratively among groups of people.  Implemented on our campus as UMVibe, it enables faculty and staff to share documents and work in teams on projects that require group authoring. Nearly 1800 people have used the UMVibe system. 

How do people use UMVibe? 

Here are just a few of the many uses UMBeings have found for Vibe:

  • More than 800 teams are involved in collaborative activities which run the gamut from managing multiple, geographically-distant research labs as a single entity to  using forms and workflow to enable federally mandated procedures and reporting.
  • Several departments have used Vibe’s calendaring features to integrate calendars of various workgroups into a single aggregated calendar.
  • Other groups post procedure and policy manuals to Vibe in order to provide their members easy access to a single, always-current set.
  • Vibe has enabled sites in five different countries to act as a single organization.
  • Non-UMB employees are able to share and contribute to campus teams without ever setting foot on campus. 
  • Surveys can be administered to large and diverse populations with the results collected and analyzed by individuals or groups.
  • Campus-wide inventories of equipment, materials, and devices are maintained and kept private from all but the individuals who need the information.
  • Large projects which have different teams performing discrete functions can be tracked in a single place, with activity reports generated for the entire project and/or by the individual teams.
  • Faculty members can search for others doing similar or related research, or studying similar areas of interest.
  • Curriculum committees can build components of a learning program and bring them all together.
  • Persons with disabilities can access Vibe for class notes, video or audio presentations, and other materials that might otherwise be difficult for them to utilize.
  • Changes to documents or teams can be shared through notifications or by “following” groups or individuals.

Why is UMVibe so popular?   

It’s reliable:  UMVibe is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and has proven remarkably stable, with unplanned down time measured at 0.001 percent.

It’s easy to self-teach:  The Vibe Training and Resources website contains self-paced tutorials, videos, extensive documentation and other training media.

It’s easy to administer:  Management of Vibe sites has been distributed to the owners of the sites. Privileges to read, edit, or comment on material can be controlled easily by content owners down to a single document, picture, or form.  Colleagues from other institutions or partnerships can be added to teams and participate on any level, based on the role the team leader assigns to them. 

The rules are few:  One must have a UMID and password. Personally Identifiable Information and personal health information cannot be stored in Vibe.

The rewards are many:  In addition to the tremendous versatility of UMVibe described above, there are generous limits on the size of files that can be transmitted, as well as to the amount of storage space available to users.

If you have a group-work problem for which UMVibe might be the answer, contact Chris Phillips.