Training Enrollment Now More Convenient

January 28, 2015   |  By Chris Phillips and Brook Botvin

Have you ever tried to sign up for eUMB Financials, HRMS, or other administrative systems training—or change from one class session to another—only to be frustrated by the clunkiness of the training enrollment system?  Well, life is about to get a little easier.

In conjunction with the recent changes that have been made to the look and feel of all the websites in the domain, the Enterprise Systems Training Enrollment Database has received a makeover as well.

One big improvement is that a prospective trainee now has the ability to drop a class session in which they are enrolled and re-register for a class that better suits their schedule, something which used to take manual intervention by a member of the Training Team. This can be done up until the time the scheduled course session begins--but not after; administrators will still need to do that for students in order to ensure that course attendance records are not accidentally lost.

In addition, the system will now allow trainees to register for and attend certain courses more than once if they feel a “refresher” is needed.  This, too, has previously been a function that administrators needed to perform on their behalf.

The login procedure for the training enrollment system has changed as well.  This may not seem like an added convenience, but it will help keep the database free of duplicate records, and thereby make for more accurate record-keeping of who has or has not taken specific system training.

The revised training enrollment system should be intuitive to use, with one caution:  Because the previous URL began with http:// where the new URL is https://, if you try to navigate to the site using an old bookmark, you will receive an error message; fixing your bookmark accordingly will remedy this issue.

If you encounter any problems using the enhanced training enrollment system, feel free to contact the Training Team.