New Single-System Help Desk Will Improve Customers’ Experience

June 4, 2015   |  By Chris Phillips

Help Desk Integration and Support

A shared help desk ticketing application would insulate users from dealing with IT complexity across campus, efficiently use IT staff time to resolve requests rather than chasing requests across organizations, enable global analytics and trend reporting, and, potentially, reduce costs – all improvements to customer experience.

Single Support System

Brian Coats, ScD, executive director, technology integration, and Stephen Giermek, manager, IT Help Desk, have worked with leaders from the other help desks at UMB to implement the one-ticketing system.

Three help desk units will start using the system by the end of July. After this initial implementation, the other help desks will transition to the system over the following months.

This single system will ensure that, when users submit a support request online, the correct help desk will respond. This initiative should save money, make the campus more efficient, help UMB to better analyze IT support activities, and improve customer satisfaction.