New Enhancements Address Gaps in Student Recordkeeping

May 19, 2015   |  By Chris Phillips

UMB’s Student Information Management System (SIMS) addresses the data storage and retrieval needs of faculty and staff members who deal with Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Academic History, Graduation, Student Housing and Student Immunizations. SURFS is its Student User-Friendly System counterpart. Using SURFS, students can view their Financial Aid Information, grades, billing and other personal information, as well as register for classes.

This week, in response to new federal and state reporting requirements and a demonstrated need by the campus, two new enhancements will be implemented in SURFS.  The first of these features is designed to capture veteran status information from all students.  This is particularly timely because the State will require us to report basic veteran status information for all students beginning this year. 

The second enhancement will improve the way we gather emergency contact information from students.  We have been capturing this information through SURFS for many years, but student participation has been spotty at best. The new functionality will create two popup web pages (similar to those presently used for Ethnicity/Race) and continue to prompt a response during each login until the student actually responds. There will also be a link to each of the new pages in the Personal Information tab so that the student can update the information as needed.  In addition, campus administration will have access to this information should an emergency arise involving an individual student. 

Both of the new features should appear in the production system sometime during the week of May 18, 2015.