New Community System Online Tutorials Now Available

January 11, 2016   |  By Chris Phillips

Many groups are contractually or otherwise related to UMB such that they require access to UMB information systems and applications.  These include the Faculty Physicians, Inc., the University of Maryland Medical System, vendors, study participants, and other organizations.  The UMB Community System was created to allow such persons not paid by the university or enrolled as students, to be issued UMB electronic credentials.

This system was first introduced in January, 2014 by the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS). It was readily adopted by the campus and the number of persons using the system has been growing dramatically over these initial 22 months.  However, with increased use the users naturally requested new features and functionality, some of which have been added along the way.  By spring of this year, based on feedback from the user population and the deluge of new-feature requests, the project team concluded the system was ready for its next major evolution.  In April, 2015 a formal steering committee was formed for the project to ensure that users’ needs were articulated and that actual practices met their expectations.  This committee has been meeting monthly to discuss and determine both requirements and priorities for this next major release of the UMB Community System.  Using the committee’s input, the project team has been able to quickly and successfully design and build a comprehensive system that will markedly improve the layout and workflow experienced by users.

CITS and the UMB Community System project team are very excited to announce the release of this new version of the UMB Community System in November 2015.  The Steering Committee’s input was a critical component for the creation of this major release, and as such they will continue to define and prioritize new features to be added to the system.

To assist users with the new Community System features and functionality, two online tutorials have been developed.  One explains how one can sponsor a person to be an affiliate.  The other tutorial explains how to approve a sponsorship request.  To view the tutorials, go to: