CITS Milestones

June 15, 2015   |  By Chris Phillips

When the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) is doing a major system implementation, such as Kuali-Coeus or Electronic Timesheets, our activities are highly visible to all.  But what about all the other projects that CITS staff are working on all the time? 

If you go to the CITS website, under News and Updates, and click on Project Updates, you will find descriptions of numerous less visible projects—Milestones, we call them-- that CITS technical and training staff have completed recently.  Some of these, such as improvements to SURFS and creation of the Early Identification of Risk portal for The Institute of the School of Social Work, have been the stuff of Elm articles in recent weeks.  Others, such as the decommissioning of myUM Mail are just quiet first steps towards something really big to come.  (Spoiler Alert:  It’s a common email platform for the entire campus.)

Further down that page you will find descriptions of the Seven Major Initiatives recently approved by Dr. Perman and his Executive Cabinet to be the core technology projects for the campus for months to come.  These were also described in a recent Elm article as Seven Big Projects Which Will Improve Life and Work at UMB.   

It is a tenet of CITS’ Communications Policy to continually inform the campus community about strategic direction, project updates, and new information technology capabilities enabled by our work.  Look for articles in future issues of The Elm on many of the topics touched on above.