Asset Disposal Program

April 2, 2018   |  By Sarah Steinberg

Program Objective

The primary objective of this program is to implement a user-friendly UMB solution to media disposal that safely and securely removes IT assets from inventory in a manner that meets IT security standards and audit requirements.

The UMB/HiTech Solution

What is it?

The solution includes collecting retired, used, end-of-life, and/or surplus IT equipment; certifying the destruction of any data on the devices; providing real-time asset tracking through an online portal; reselling the equipment or destroying and recycling the equipment.

What’s the change from past practice?

In the past, UMB schools and departments had to remove hard drives before the equipment was picked up by Surplus Property in the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services. Each individual unit was responsible for finding a secure and effective way of erasing data, destroying the hard drives that were removed from the equipment, disposing of the hard drives, and maintaining the appropriate records.

Why HiTech?

HiTech was chosen because its specialty is advanced data destruction such that when destroyed, the data are unrecoverable according to IT security standards. The solution and service include:

  • Data sanitization methods that meet or exceed the NIST 800-88 standards for media sanitization.
  • Physically destroying by shredding any drive that can’t be sanitized.
  • Quality control checks and audits performed by external data forensics firms and certification bodies, including the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).
  • Certificates of Data Cleansing/Destruction for each shipment that includes the manufacturer, model, serial number, and cleansing/destruction status.
  • A HIPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for protecting the privacy and security of protected health information.
  • Transforming technology recycling into a positive environmental impact. They repurpose reusable IT equipment and parts and recycle non-usable assets, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and ensures that no equipment goes to a landfill.

How does it work?

An online web form has been created for UMB schools and departments to enter their IT assets that are ready for disposal. The completed form is electronically routed to the Logistics Manager in the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services, who then schedules a pickup of the equipment. At the time of pickup, the Logistics Manager verifies that the information submitted matches the assets being collected. After verification, the IT assets and hard drives are shipped to HiTech for processing.

What is the status?

The program has been initiated and is available for use by all UMB schools and departments. More information about the program can be found on the Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services website.

The UMB Policy on Disposal of Media Containing Data has been revised to incorporate this new service.