Webex Technical Committee

This group meets every two weeks to discuss technical requirements for Webex that relate to IT Collaboration plans for students, staff and faculty.  The approach for deployment strategy and on-going support is provided by the Webex Advisory Committee.  The technical committee member’s activities include developing training material, defining the best deployment options, discovering technical challenges and testing of new and existing features that enhance audio and video conferencing.  

Webex Technical Committee Members
Arthur Cook SOL
Aundra Jackson SOM
Brent Nickles CITS
Daniel Alcott SON
Dave Drebing SON
David Flax SOM
Douglas Brotherton SOD
Joanne Pinna SON
Joseph Dincau CITS
Jen Adair* CITS
LaVern Laury* CITS
Makeda Reynolds SOL
Scott Stefan SOM
Stephen Giermek CITS
Tom Hockensmith A&F
William McLean SOP
Zia Mafaher* CITS

*Dennotes Project Leads/Owners