Webex Advisory Committee

This group meets every two weeks to discuss overall requirements for Webex that relate to IT Collaboration plans for students, staff and faculty.  The approach for deployment strategy and on-going support is provided to the Webex Technical Committee.  The advisory committee member’s activities include identifying who will obtain a Webex license, how individuals are provisioned and de-provisioned, evaluate group pricing for Cisco Room kits, identify high-level decisions such adhering to contract agreements, evaluate costs associated with Webex (800’s and Call-In feature) in addition to making final decisions on Webex Communications. 

Webex Advisory Committee Members
James Stephens HS/HSL
Jonathan Bratt EM
Joseph Dincau CITS
Kent Buckingham SOD
LaVern Laury* CITS
Matt Rietschel SON
Michael Green SOL
Scott Stefan SOM
Shannon Tucker SOP
Sharon Browser SOM
Tim Munn SOP
Bill Crockett SMC
Zia Mafaher* CITS

*Dennotes Project Leads