Technology Operations Advisory Group

This is a campuswide group that meets monthly to discuss directory services, identity management, the helpdesk, software licensing, enterprise training, and web development. 

There are regular information exchanges between CITS and campus schools and departments in order to use these technologies effectively. CITS staff interact and work with the staff in schools and departments on a daily basis.

Committee Members
CITS Doug Bowser
  Elizabeth Brindley
  Steve Brown
  Brian Coats
  Joseph Dincau
  Stephen Giermek
  Tom Hockensmith
  Trisha Kaufman
  Eugene Khazanov
  Dong Lee
  Elias Nawd
  Brent Nickles
  Tram Nguyen
  Larry Nohe
  Roger Pederson
  Ash Pree
  Sarah Steinberg
  Deno Tufares
  Ryan Whyms
  Adam Ziman
SON Dave Drebing
SOL Mike Green
SOP Phillip Johnson
  Bill McLean
  Kenneth Miller
  Stephen Nganga
  Geoffrey Rowland
  Shannon Tucker
HS/HS Library Sandy Galvez
  Joshua Wakefield
SOD Kent Buckingham
  Stephen Gray
SOM Kevin Brown
  Derek Easter
  David Flax
  Edward Heiger
  Scott Stefan
  Jaeden Traum
SSW Jay Hood
  Tom Mitchell
  David Pitts