Helpful Tips

Want to create your own marketing materials? We're here to help! Review the list below to learn some tricks of the trade so that your production process goes as smoothly as possible.


If you're creating a poster, flyer, digital display, or announcements for Campus Life Weekly or The Elm, you'll need to pick out a photo that corresponds to the event. Here are some things you need to know about using photography:

  • Make sure your photo is high-resolution. You'll know if it's high-res by looking at the clarity of the photo. If the photo is fuzzy or pixelated, it's not high-res. Often when you save a photo from a Google search or an online source, without purchasing it, it ends up being low-resolution. To purchase a good quality, high-resolution photo, visit
  • Since you'll be using your photo across a variety of mediums, you'll need to resize it. When you resize, hold down SHIFT and pull from one of the four corners. This will ensure the photo doesn't become stretched or disproportionate.

Style Guides

It's important that everyone in the UMB community sends a consistent message about who we are. That's what the style guides are for! If you have questions about colors, fonts, and formatting text, refer to the university style guides. They have every answer in the book!

  • Editorial Style Guide (writing for print)
  • Editorial Style Guide (writing for the web)
  • Visual Style Guide (fonts, color palettes, logos)

How To Get the Word Out

Now that the event is planned and you've created your marketing materials, you need to distribute them. Learn about all the ways you can get the word out on campus.