Campus Center Renovations

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Project Goal
Create a hub for all student services within the Campus Center by creating a Counseling Center while reinvigorating the Campus Life Services suite. 

The Counseling Center serves as a primary source of mental health services to UMB students. In the past five years, Counseling Center demand has increased each year and the center has outgrown its space in the Health Sciences and Human Services Library. The mental health and counseling needs of students are a priority for Campus Life Services, the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and the University System of Maryland.


Project Overview

  • Renovations to the third floor of the Campus Center to create a student counseling  and mental health programming center and a Campus Life Services suite
  • Redesigning and renovations to shared conference and involvement spaces
  • Partial renovations to the lower level to create more student services offices




$1.02M Architectural Design and Construction Budget


Where can I find ...
With any construction project, relocations and moves are part of the process. Check out our updated Directory to find out the current locations for different Campus Lie Services departments during the renovations.