Food FAQ

Food FAQ


What is an allowable food expense?

Using UMB funds to pay for business meals or food/catering services may be appropriate in the following circumstances:

  1. Interviews of an applicant (and the applicant’s spouse, if invited) for employment by official UMB host(s) for positions of Faculty, Department Heads, Directors, Deans, Vice Presidents and President.
  2. Meals with prospective students.
  3. Meals for visiting scholars and faculty.
  4. Meals for distinguished guest speakers/lecturers.
  5. Meetings with business leaders outside UMB for the purpose of developing student interaction, future contributions to programs, or developing business relationships benefiting UMB.
  6. Meetings with colleagues from other universities to discuss university research, instruction, administrative functions, etc.
  7. Business meals where external consultants are participating in official UMB business.
  8. Conferences, convocations, symposiums, and other special events that are on behalf of or substantially involve personnel not employed by UMB.
  9. Events where participant fees are collected to offset the food cost (e.g., a conference).
  10. UMB-wide events coordinated through the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to promote or further UMB’s mission (e.g., commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during Black History Month).
  11. Student events and student related functions (note- postdoctoral fellows, residents, and trainees are not students).
  12. Food or meals for activities that are specified as allowable charges under a grant or contract.
  13. Donor cultivation events.
  14. Employee-only full- or half-day workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats, etc., where the event overlaps routine meal times.          
  15. UMB-wide employee awards/appreciation events coordinated through the Department of Human Resource Services (within UMB University Operations). 
  16. Meals during unusual hours or at unusual places of work for employee groups performing required UMB services (e.g., weekend meetings or emergency-related activities).
  17. Meetings with affiliates for three or more hours where the offices of the attendees are more than 5 miles apart.

What is NOT an allowable food expense?

Business meals or food/catering services are not appropriate in the following circumstances:

  1. Personal meals among UMB employees.
  2. Routine (see definitions) meetings among UMB employees (e.g., faculty and/or staff meetings).
  3. Meals during general discussion meetings among employees.
  4. Costs associated with social functions or activities such as (but not limited to) birthday parties, holiday parties, retirement parties, Administrative Professionals Day events, etc.
  5. Expenses for food that are subsequently reimbursed by the UMB Foundation or any affiliated entity.
  6. Purchase of alcoholic beverages (including related tax and tip).
  7. Functions where one or more students are present but the primary purpose of the meeting is not student-related.
  8. Other expenses not listed under allowable expenses

Am I Required to Utilize Chartwells in the Campus Center

Yes. UMB Student Affairs and UMB are obligated by a contract negotiated through the State of Maryland. Failure to abide by OUR contract places UMB Student Affairs at risk and will result in denial of reimbursement for your food items. 

Am I Required to Utilize Chartwells outside the Campus Center

You are not obligated. Since CulinArt's contract is managed by UMB Student Affairs, we want all UMB Student Affairs departments to allow CulinArt the opportunity to meet or beat quotes. A portion of all sales comes back to UMB Student Affairs, which in turn has been reinvested into the Campus Center and UMB Student Affairs.