The Campus Center is a fusion building that boasts many services and departments committed to student success. We are the premier location on campus to relax, study, meet friends, attend programs, and collaborate with peers. 

To schedule a tour of the Campus Center located on the University of Maryland, Baltimore's campus in downtown Baltimore, contact us. 

Forgot to schedule a tour? Make sure you check out these must-see items:

  • All-Gender Restrooms — Lower level
  • One Card and Parking Offices — Lower level
  • Microwaves — First floor through CulinArt To-Go
  • Relaxation space — Third floor down the Event Services hallway
  • Lactation Space — Third floor, Room 339, down the Event Services hallway
  • Writing Center — Third floor
  • Campus Life Services Suite — Third Floor
  • URecFit — Fourth floor, the first of three full floors of recreation space