Gee Su Yang, MSN, RN

  • Gee Su Yang, MSN, RN

    PhD student (Graduate Research Assistant), Department of Pain and Translational symptom science


Research interests

Discovery of signaling pathways and development of therapeutic treatments for Aromatase inhibitor (adjuvant chemotherapy)-induced joint pain

Research approaches

Pain phenotyping

Molecular biology

Lab or individual page



  1. Yang, G. S.,& Choe, M. A. (2013). Effect of anorexia and neuropathic pain induced by cisplatin on hindlimb muscles of rat. Journal of Korean Academy Nursing, 43(3), 361-369.
  2. Griffioen, M. A.*, Dernetz, V. H.*, Yang, G. S.*, Griffith, K. A., Dorsey, S. G., & Renn, C. L. (In press). Evaluation of dynamic weight bearing for measurement non-evoked inflammatory hyperalgesia in mice. Nursing Research (*=equally contributed).