Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

Serving the University community through professionalism, stewardship, and leadership one interaction at a time.

Vision Statement

A team of diverse and motivated professionals fostering partnerships, delivering outstanding service, and innovative business solutions one interaction at a time.

[“One interaction at a time” was intentionally repeated in both the mission and vision statement to demonstrate the commitment to customer service and to being in the moment with the customer(s) with whom an A&F team member is interacting.]

Guiding Principles

These are the principles to which I commit to be held accountable in my role as an Administration and Finance (A&F) team member. I will hold my A&F colleagues to the same guiding principles.

Accountability I will take responsibility for my actions and their collective outcomes. I vow to be a good steward of University resources, and will hold myself to the highest ethical behavior. 

I will be professional, courteous, and empathetic while recognizing and respecting the importance of honoring peoples’ diverse perspectives and opinions. 


I will create effective partnerships by always valuing others’ opinions and contributions. I will always be open to discussion and committed to encouraging effective teamwork. 

Diversity I will embrace opportunities to learn and grow through understanding the different perspectives our background and individuality bring to the University.   
Excellence I will contribute to the University’s constant pursuit of excellence by committing to the idea of continuous self-improvement and taking the initiative to deliver outstanding service that surpasses expectations. I will recognize my colleagues for their outstanding performance.
Knowledge I will take full advantage of the training opportunities available and seek professional development as part of the ongoing efforts to grow my knowledge and realize my full potential.  
Leadership I will take ownership of providing vision and support to my team. I will create a motivating environment that encourages new ideas, embraces creative solutions, and accepts risk in the division’s pursuit to exceed customer service expectations. 

I will be present and listen. I value two-way communication and will provide timely responses. 

Work/Life Balance I will prioritize both my work and home commitments so that I maintain a healthy approach to and appreciation of life.