Volunteer Interest Areas

Nurse helping veteran


Generally, basic health checkups and advice are needed; groups may be able to provide special care based on work being done through student clinics that already exist. Homeless people also often have certain health issues related to living on the street. Many have substance abuse problems and other mental health issues.

Dentist helping a veteran


General dental care is often needed; specialty work may be provided through student clinics that already exist.

Lawyer helping woman


Homeless veterans often need support proving their service record and discharge orders as well as challenging discrepancies in discharge orders. Homeless people also often have minor criminal charges including trespassing and public intoxication that must be settled.

Social worker helping a man with groceries

Social Work

Homeless veterans need support to get back on their feet, get job training, financial advice, reconnect with families or friends who can be a support network, get clean from substance abuse, and clear up criminal records. They also need support accessing benefits they qualify for due to veteran status or economic status.

Veteran mom and daughter


The shelters partnered with the Baltimore Veterans Network need all sorts of basic support. These tasks are often one-off tasks, such as serving food at a holiday dinner or repainting sleeping quarters. Do you have skills outside of your specialty area? Want to teach a class about painting or cooking to the veterans? Or maybe play with your band to entertain the veterans during a dinner hour? Let us know what you’re thinking.