USM Parental Leave Policy for Faculty

The University System of Maryland (USM) has issued a policy for faculty providing for paid parental leave for up to eight weeks during a six-month period surrounding: the birth of a newborn; the recent adoption of a child under the age of 6; or, in certain circumstances, the assumption of other parenting responsibilities, such as foster-parenting or legal guardianship of a child under the age of 6. (Parental leave time is prorated for 50 percent or greater part-time faculty.)

Under the new policy, eligible faculty may use any form of annual, sick, personal or holiday leave, accrued or otherwise available under existing policies to attain the up to eight-week parental leave period. If a faculty member has insufficient leave to attain eight weeks of parental leave, UM will supplement paid leave days to bring the faculty member up to eight weeks of leave time. The new policy also provides that eligible faculty have the opportunity during parental leave.

Eligibility requirements for parental leave are: (1) faculty appointments with tenure, on tenure-track, and on non-tenure track with a multiyear contract; (2) one year of UM employment, and (3) written affirmation that the faculty member is primary caregiver during the parental leave period. Questions on faculty parental leave may be referred to Malinda Hughes, academic program manager in the Office of Academic Affairs, at 410-706-1850.

The faculty policy on parental leave (IIK2.25) is available at the UM Policy website: