Food Approval Form

Complete the form below and submit to James Reynolds (  Jim will review and authorize if the request is eligible under the UMB Food Policy.  When approved, Jim will return the signed copy to the originator. 

Food Approval Form (OAA)

Info to Assist

  1. Complete and submit prior to the event date. 
  2. One (1) Food Approval Form per event
  3. If the same event is over multiple days or times, you only need to complete one form. 
    • In the date field, list the number of days.  List the actual dates in the "Additional Info" section.
    • If it covers multiple meals types, select all that applies (lunch, dinner, etc). 
  4. You are placing estimates only.  If you do not have the final total, that is fine.  Do not delay the process waiting for a final figure.
  5. You need to know the 8-digit account being charged.  If you do not know the account number check with Academic Affairs Business & Finance. 
  6. If you have additional questions contact