Susan Gillette, JD

Susan Gillette, JD
Vice President and General Counsel 

Susan Gillette is vice president and chief legal officer for the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). She established the legal services office in 1981 after moving from private practice to the University.

She is a graduate of the Harvard Law School. Her primary areas of concentration are corporate and governance issues, tax and finance, legal relationships with the University of Maryland Medical Center and other affiliated organizations, research contracting, international projects, immigration, and public ethics and conflict of interest.

The Office of University Counsel provides legal services and counsel to UMB. Gillette and members of the office also represent the University in many types of administrative proceedings.

Legal services and consultation as general counsel are provided to the University’s professional schools — dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social work — and the Graduate School in Baltimore, as well as to the executive and administrative offices that support the education, research, and service missions of UMB.

Professional staff include five attorneys and two paralegals.

The office is the primary litigation counsel for the University, the liaison between the University and the Office of the Attorney General, and between the institution and outside legal counsel retained for specialized work.